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You can email me at wkurzius@manvillesd.org, leave a voicemail at extension 7077 or find me in the building.

Per. Class Room
1 Study Hall/Math Strategies (A/B Days) 47
2 AP Computer Science Principles 47
3 Yearbook Publishing 47
5 Into to Web Development/Programming (S1/S2) 47
6 Technology Applications & Design I 48
8 Into to Programming/Web Development (S1/S2) 47

About #

Mr. Kurzius

I’m in my seventeenth year of teaching, all in Manville. This year my courses include AP Computer Science Principles, Intro to Programming, Into to Web Development, Yearbook Publishing, Math Strategies and Technology Applications & Design I. I’m also the Yearbook Advisor and I run the district’s website and digital sign. I have a degree in Computer Science from TCNJ and I’m certified in NJ to teach Computer Science and Math.

I’m interested in most things related to computers as well as photography. If you ever need to distract me from doing my job, ask me something about video games.

My wife is also a teacher at Manville; she teaches eighth grade science at ABIS. Our daughter Lucy is nine, but doesn’t have a teaching job yet.