Yearbook Publishing

Yearbook Publishing #


Course Description #

This course is designed to teach students to apply the basic principles of journalism, graphic design and page layout in the production of the high school’s yearbook, Valorem. Students will also gain computer experience through the utilization of desktop publishing software. Additionally, students will become proficient at small business operations in the sales and marketing of these publications.

Topics #

Reporting and Writing
How to conduct good interviews and then turn them into a compelling story.
The mechanics of using a professional camera along with how to compose and process photos.
Layout and design
Learn the elements of good design and how a reader’s eye flows over a page.
Theme and coverage
How to compose a book with a unified look and feel along with ensuring as many people as possible make it into the book.

Course Format and Miscellaneous #

In the beginning of the year, class time will be more structured as there are a lot of introductory lessons on how to create a yearbook. The book itself also needs to be planned out, which includes what content will be on each page and the theme of the book. Later, the class becomes more free as form each person will be working on their assigned pages and topics.

Expect to spend a significant amount of time outside of class conducting interviews and covering events.

Also …

  • Grading is point-based
  • Late work loses two percentage points per day with a floor of 70%
  • There is no final exam
  • Question? Ask your classmates first
  • Pick up a piece of garbage on your way out of the classroom