Intro to Web Development

Intro to Web Development #


Course Description #

Anyone who’s anyone has their own website and this is where you can make yours. This one-semester course focuses on the front-end of web development, or the stuff that everyone sees. This includes structure with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), style with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and will have students begin to build a portfolio of work for future employment.

Units of Study #

Basic HTML and HTML5
Define the structure of a webpage with markup language.
Basic CSS
Add design to your structure with style sheets.
Applied Visual Design and Accessibility
Implement good design practices that ensure your pages are accessible to a broad audience.
Responsive Web Design
Ensure your pages look good on all devices.
Responsive Web Design Projects
Apply your newly learned skills to produce responsive websites that you can can use to build your portfolio of work.

Course Format and Miscellaneous #

This course uses the Responsive Web Design curriculum provided by freeCodeCamp which serves an online version of the lessons, assignments and resources. The course is mostly self-paced because of this, so feel free to jump ahead. Just keep in mind that you must complete work during the marking period it was assigned.

Also …

  • Grading is 40% for exams and 30% for both projects and exercises
  • Late work loses two percentage points per day with a floor of 70%
  • There is no final exam
  • Question? Ask your classmates first
  • Pick up a piece of garbage on your way out of the classroom

Certification #

This course follows freeCodeCamp’s path to a Responsive Web Design Certification. The estimated time to complete the items is 300 hours, much more time than we have available in a semester. But the goal is to complete all the exercises and two of the five projects, leaving the final three for them to complete on their own if they wish to earn the certificate.